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While he cries. Reflection for marriages Luke 19 41:44

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“If you only knew what makes for peace”

From the Gospel according to Luke 19:41-44

As Jesus drew near Jerusalem, he saw the city and wept over it, saying,

“If this day you only knew what makes for peace– but now it is hidden from your eyes.
For the days are coming upon you when your enemies will raise a palisade against you; they will encircle you and hem you in on all sides. They will smash you to the ground and your children within you, and they will not leave one stone upon another within you because you did not recognize the time of your visitation.”



The gospel of the Lord.


While he cries.


It is true that we are surrounded by enemies encroaching on our lives, robbing us of peace. These are all the tasks that must be done, messages that must be read, apparent obligations that are not really obligatory. We are constantly bombarded by distractions from what is important, demands that I impose on myself or that society imposes, proliferating rules, complaints… If I let them, these enemies can destroy my joy, my patience, my kindness… and my supernatural merits. They can literally sweep away everything that God wants for my life, leaving no stone unturned. This happens when we do not recognize God in our lives. Then, we can make Him cry. Could it be that the Lord is watching my life while crying?


Applied to Married Life:


Jack: I can’t find a way to pause. So many resposabilities are overwhelming. I can’t sit in peace before the Lord every day.

Kate: Jack, I know. . I’ve wanted to help you because it’s evident that your responsibilities are consuming you. Even if you had an extra two hours a day, you will fill them too.

Jack: Well, that’s true… but I don’t know what to do.

Kate: I suggest that when we pray together, you vocalize your prayers all the time, or if it’s a more meditative prayer, write it down. That way, you focus more on prayer and don’t let the enemies that steal your peace slip in.

Jack: That sounds like a wonderful idea, Kate. I think that can help me truly focus on the Lord and dedicate that time only to Him.

Kate: Shall we start now?

Jack: Just a moment, I have to send something quickly…

Kate: Carlos… Shall we start now?

Jack: Yes, sorry. I was starting off on the wrong foot. I love you, Kate.





Neglecting to allocate time to the Lord, failing to keep Him in mind, disrupts our peace and makes the Lord cry. We do not want to bring Him sorrow, we want to console Him. Grant us the grace to be faithful to our prayer times and work to keep the Lord in mind more each day. Praise be to the Lord who loves us.