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The Tower of the Heart: Reflection for Marriages: Luke 14:25-33

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The Gospel passage from the book of Luke 14:25-33 conveys Jesus’ message to a large crowd.

He tells them that to be His disciple, one must be willing to prioritize their commitment to Him over even their closest family members. Additionally, Jesus emphasizes the importance of carrying one’s own burdens, symbolized by the cross, to follow Him faithfully. He uses examples of estimating the cost of building a tower or the wisdom of a king going to war to illustrate the need for careful consideration before embarking on any endeavor. Ultimately, Jesus teaches that true discipleship requires a willingness to relinquish all worldly possessions.

Message of the Lord.

The Tower of the Heart

Jesus underscores that true riches come from relying on earthly possessions for personal satisfaction. He challenges us to consider the purpose of our lives and what kind of “tower” we are building. If we lack the means to achieve our ultimate goal – goodness, beauty, truth, and justice – we should engage in negotiations with the One who possesses everything. If we seek to align our plans with God’s, we must make a pact with Him, even while He seems distant. This pact requires us to be prepared to let go of all earthly attachments to inherit the eternal.

In the context of married life:

Emma: Mike, should your marital commitment be governed by your intellect or your heart?
Mike: I believe my intellect should govern it.
Emma: Therein lies a challenge, as love is not guided by our intellect but by our heart’s passions and will. These elements are intertwined within the heart. Why did you choose the intellect?
Mike: I thought it would provide the right judgment for a loving relationship.
Emma: You’re on the right track. Order your heart using your sound judgment and the grace’s strength, and then let your heart guide your commitment in marriage. This is the path of virtue. A virtuous person attains the spontaneity of the heart because their heart aligns with Christ’s, and their desires become Christ’s desires.
Mike: I may not fully grasp it, but it sounds promising.
Emma: We are working on taming our unruly passions, and the day we desire God’s will above all else, without clinging to other desires, is when we can fully enjoy marriage here on Earth.
Mike: I understand it better now. It’s a pursuit worth undertaking.


It is worthwhile to relinquish the finite to attain the infinite. It is worth sacrificing fleeting attractions for eternal love. The spiritual battle to follow Christ is a worthy endeavor. Praise be to our Lord forever.