Finally! Reflection for marriages. John 20:1-9


He had to rise from the dead.

From the Gospel according to John. Jn 20:1-9.

On the first day of the week, Mary of Magdala came to the tomb early in the morning, while it was still dark, and saw the stone removed from the tomb. So she ran and went to Simon Peter and to the other disciple whom Jesus loved, and told them, “They have taken the Lord from the tomb, and we don’t know where they put him.” So Peter and the other disciple went out and came to the tomb. They both ran, but the other disciple ran faster than Peter and arrived at the tomb first; he bent down and saw the burial cloths there, but did not go in. When Simon Peter arrived after him, he went into the tomb and saw the burial cloths there, and the cloth that had covered his head, not with the burial cloths but rolled up in a separate place. Then the other disciple also went in, the one who had arrived at the tomb first, and he saw and believed. For they did not yet understand the Scripture that he had to rise from the dead.

The Gospel of the Lord.


The Lord has risen! Glory to God! He has brought us God’s Forgiveness, making it possible for us to forgive one another. Marriage becomes possible again because we can now restore it after every fall, through the Forgiveness that God has brought us. It is our new path of love, the path of Forgiveness. Hallelujah!

Applied to married life:

Becky: Phil, I forgive you.

Phil: Excuse me Becky, I don’t think I heard you correctly. What did you say?

Becky: I forgive you truly. Sincerely. You are released from all the pain you have caused me. And I free myself from my pain and from my temptation to keep you subdued by bringing up those offenses when it suited me, using them to hinder any attempt of yours to ask for something or even to act normally or make love.

Phil: Really, Becky? Isn’t it just a whim you’re having today because it’s Easter Sunday?

Becky: No, Phil. I have realized that if I don’t forgive you, it’s because I want to have control over you. I have realized all that the Lord went through to bring us Forgiveness, and I cannot deny you that right because of my pride.

Phil: That’s incredible! Thank you, my God. Thank you for setting me free. (He embraces Backy) Thank you, my love. I thought I would never be able to shake off that guilt. Now I see that you truly love me, because through you, I receive God’s Mercy.

Becky: I love you, Phil. Thank you, Lord, for saving us. Praise be to you forever.


Finally, the triumph over evil and over death. Finally, redeemed of all our sins. We are joyful, we are rejoicing, it is a wonderful gift from God. Now we understand how much the cross is worth. Now everything makes sense. Let the choirs of angels exult… Glory to God…

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