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Human Arguments. Reflection for Marriages: Matthew 22:15-21


Give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God.

Reading of the holy Gospel according to Mathew 22, 15-21.


The Pharisees went away to work out between them how to trap Jesus in what he said. And they sent their disciples to him, together with the Herodians, to say:

“Master, we know that you are an honest man and teach the way of God in an honest way, and that you are not afraid of anyone, because a man’s rank means nothing to you. Tell us your opinion, then. Is it permissible to pay taxes to Caesar or not?”

But Jesus was aware of their malice and replied:

“You hypocrites! Why do you set this trap for me? Let me see the money you pay the tax with.”

They handed him a denarius, and he said:

“Whose head is this? Whose name?”

“Caesar’s’”, they replied.

He then said to them:

“Very well, give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar – and to God what belongs to God.”

The Gospel of the Lord.


Human Arguments.

I must give God the glory He deserves because as soon as I enter into human reasoning, I mix the things of Caesar with the things of God. As a child of God, what corresponds me is to follow Jesus and to die to my own reasoning, in order to bear fruit through the sacrifice of the cross.


Applied to married life.

Laura: When I engage in human arguments, I lose myself. I focus on defending my rights and demanding perfection from you, and within that darkness, my perspective darkens, I judge you, condemn you in my heart, complain, and despise you.

Martin: I understand you, Laura, because the same happens to me. But thanks to God, He is very close to you, and He quickly opens our eyes and rescues us. Laura: Yes, God is great and merciful, and He doesn’t allow us to get lost. He lets us stumble to make us humble, but He quickly rescues us and brings us back to Him and His kingdom.

Martin: I love, Lord, the wonderful wife you have given me. Blessed be the Lord.



Do not let us fall into temptation. Carry us in your arms so that we do not separate from you or Your Son. Thank you, blessed Mother.